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7 popular Nollywood movies that you might remember



When film production started in Nigeria, some movies ruled TV screens for a while. Nigerian movies rate high in drama and some of these movies got popularity because of their drama and bizarre story lines.

If you are a lover of Nigerian movies and owned a boxy TV in the early 90s, way before flat screen TVs took over the tech market then you must have watched some of these legendary movies.

This list of old Nollywood movies will crack you up.

1. A cry for help

cry for help, movie poster

Starred by the legendary crying actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, a cry for help had part 1 through to part 3. It was about an orphan girl who had the whole world against her and every where she went she was maltreated and faced the worst things anyone could face in life. Including being forced to join prostitution against her will. In the end, she triumphed over all predicaments. This film had people glued to their TV screens for the emotional turbulence it took its audience through.

2. Sakobi, the snake girl

Sakobi movie poster

Just seeing the movie poster is sure to bring a nostalgic feeling to anyone who watched it. The movie was about a witch that had powers to turn into a snake and happened to capture the heart of one of the eligible bachelors in town. Things went south when he realized he was in love with a snake girl, from there the film was a roller coaster of suspense, intrigue and a bit of horror.

3. Isakaba

isakaba, movie poster

Isakaba was more than a movie, it was a movement. The movie was about local heroes that fought for the vulnerable and helpless in the community. They also protected the citizens of the village from thieves, murderers and witches. The part 1 through to part 4 gave people hope when they watched it. They were the “supermen.” Although they were really a cult group and diabolical, they used their powers for good.

4. Nneka, the pretty serpent

nneka, the pretty serpent movie poster

Nneka, the pretty serpent is one of the films that rocked air waves back in the day. It was about a witch girl that had the power to lure men into falling in love with her. She succeeded a number of times, trapping men to cherish and adore her. Her secret was revealed when she charmed her way into in life a married man that completely fell for her jazz. However, the man had a prayerful wife and he was delivered from the grip of the serpent girl.

5. Karishika

Karishika movie poster

Karishika was about the pretty witch that tormented villagers. Till this day, girls that put on scary make-up are referred to as karishika because of the movie.

6. Oganigwa

oganigwa, movie poster

The movie Oganigwe was the topic of a lot of discussions after its release. The movie was about villagers that had gone against the will of their gods and were placed under a huge curse they couldn’t be saved from. Weird and scary things happened all over the village, including a woman growing over-sized boobs that had to be lifted by people for her to move. A guy was cursed with huge genitals, another had elephantiasis on her legs. in the end they appealed to the gods , were forgiven and the curses lifted.

7    ijele

Image result for nollywood movie ijele


The Movie Ijele  narrates a story of a great warrior who traveled to the land of the spirits to save the girl he loves.  A  great man that fought both the spirits and  warriors.

This movie features renowned personalities such as  Sam Dede, Ini edo and Gentle  jack among others.

What other old Nollywood film(s) do you remember?—naij