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” I Am more of a teacher than actress”… Hilda Dokubo



What Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, is doing is not a shot from a movie scene as she is seriously enjoying the teaching which she is seen doing.

The actress shared a picture of herself in a classroom teaching students Agricultural science. Hilda has always had passion for educating others and this is what brings her joy anytime she is doing it.

teacher (1).png

It is not new that she once said that she sees herself “more of a teacher than actress” despite training both as an actress and as a teacher.

teacher (2).png

Her first degree is in performing art and second degree is on education both from UNIPORT (University of Port Harcourt).nigeriafilms.com


To lovers of Nollywood, our dear actress is still much active in the industry but has only reduced her time of acting in a year to focus more on impacting lives around the country.