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Blac to Rob: Go to rehab, or else!


Blac Chyna is not going to let Rob Kardashian continue on his downward spiral! RadarOnline.com has learned that his pregnant fiancée recently dropped a major bombshell on him, threatening to limit his time with their daughter if he doesn’t get help.

A source close to the couple told Radar that Blac is giving her baby daddy an ultimatum to “straighten up,” or else she will take drastic measures to keep him from their child.

“A lot of people around Rob want him to go to rehab before the baby is born,” the source told Radar. Kris Jenner‘s only son sought help for his issues previously, but sunk into a deep depression again during his fiancée’s pregnancy.

Chyna told her baby-daddy-to-be that he needs to take a serious look at his actions because he is going to be a father, the source claimed.

The situation with her fiancé has been causing stress during her final months of pregnancy, but the source said she has been hiding her frustration. “She’s very protective of Rob and does not want him to look like he’s crazy. She is protecting him. But she has a baby to worry about and the baby’s father to worry about,” the source said.

The source said that Kardashian’s antics are not making Chyna hapy.radar