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Bombshell! Jim Iyke Blasts fan over comment


Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke who just became a year older recently incurred the wrath of a fan.

In return, the actor who is said to have an element of aggressiveness didn’t spare his fan either.
Jim Iyke shared the above photo and a fan commented saying the actor was getting old.
The actor who just clocked 40 over the weekend lashed back at his fan for making such comment about him.

He said: “Poverty and insecurity looks very good on you. It’s only a bisexual that will get on another man’s page to look for attention. Fuck our here peewee. Shoe get size. Internet thug poverty stricken little gay bitch!”

The fan apparently was prepared for the exchange of words as he also replied the actor with more insulting words.

He said: “fucking g@y #Bastard #Bisexual. It takes an Internet thug poverty stricken gay bitch to detect a #Gaybitch like yourself @jim.iyke Ur the *poverty and insecure moron. #Attention seeker…. Go get a real life. U #queer fool.” nigerianfilm.