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Clampdown on judges: We stand with DSS – CACVC



We at Citizen Anti Corruption Volunteers Corps (CACVC) an NGO fighting Corruption wish to commend the effort of DSS, the indefatigable men of State Security Services on the successful sting operation clinically executed to crackdown and pull in suspected criminal judges whose active involvement in bribery and corruption is currently splashing mud on the over all image of the nations judiciary.

It is no fallacy that in recent times the fight against corruption in Nigeria as rekindled by President Buhari led Federal Government have suffered a major set back largely occasioned by some disdainful members of the  judiciary. A legal institution  meant to serve and provide a veritable instrument towards  ensuring the success of the on going onslaught against corrupt public office holders and high profile individuals who have held this nation captive and consequently thrown our economy into recession.

We salute the courage of men of DSS who are resolute in making sure the war against graft is pursued vigorous without recourse to whose interest is flared. It is only when relevant governmental institutions such as DSS exhibit utmost patriotism in the discharge of it’s constitutional duties will one be proactive and join forces in a bid to eradicate the urgly menace of corruption in our nation. We make bold to say that at this critical stage in our national life the much anticipated change can only be manifest when discerning Nigerians begin to see the effort of the federal government against graft as the sure-way to restoring the dignity of our dear nation.

It is quite unfortunate that the ignorant and dubious minds have began to politicise the recent move by the DSS, while wallowing in parochial vituperations against the well articulated plot to sanitise the judiciary,  playing the partisan card and garbed with hate gloves, dubious minds have resorted to capricious criticism of the recent action of DSS. One wonders if these dubious fellows are ignorant of  the prevailing realities on ground, and the urgency of now. Truth be told, it is upon us as a people to rise up at this critical phase and shun every act inimical to the progress of our nation.

We strongly assert and dare to maintain without equivocation that the lastest action of the DSS in arresting the alleged criminal judges is constitutional. No one is above arrest. The judges in question do not wear any toga of  immunity, neither are they above the law. They can be arrested at any time of the day or night like everyone else. What reasonable people should be concerned with,  is the rule of law deemed satisfactory followed to the latter. We warmly congratulate DSS and urge them not to be deterred by reins of darts and joves by disgruntled individuals who have unrepentantly vowed to obstruct the wheel of progress.

The fight against corruption  has just taken a new dimension and we can see corruption fighting back violently. We hereby wish to advise the general public to support the noble cause and nobody should elect to be used in one way or another towards frustrating the effort of the law enforcement agents. Let’s own this fight, it is high time we stood up and join forces with relevant agencies to expose corrupt elements in our society.

Issued by:
Comr Eze Harris Chuma
National Chairman
anticrimecorruptionunit@gmail. com