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ENTANGLED … A romantic thriller




Dr. RayOzymandias

“This is it!” He muttered thoughtfully to himself already gasping, he could feel his chest and the continual breath, out of him expressing the action of one who had exercised. What was it he did, so rigorous on his face that made him look as if he had come to the doorstep of tiredness? He positioned himself stealthily and relaxed to loosen up the stress. Right in front where he stood is the most talked about law firm in Edenwood, the Meers Law firm with a majestic marble facade facing the main street with spacious atrium. One of the finest edifice you can think of with awe encompassing a 23-storey masterpiece triangular design from the rare view. It had dark-stained millwork elaborate enough with  large lawyer offices lining window walls, plenty of secretarial stations close at hand and a library shelf spaces, file storage rooms. The natural light streaming through the glass walls could reveal to you the entirety of the interior designs not until you get in. From the glassy structure is mirror-like, giving it a glittering look. From the hallway to any designated office, you would be glad to find a place of comfort and beauty.

As he imagined through the walkway to one of the secretary. ‘this got to be good’ he meditated not minding his coming thirty-five minutes late almost an hour to his interview. To the secretary before him, blonde with firm and chiseled calves, which perhaps made her the envy of all her friends. It may have been the product of exercise in the gym or something beyond that.

‘Hello miss! My interview is scheduled for today but I’m……thirty-five minutes late’. ‘mind assisting me with the process of the interview and who to meet?’

Now this lady is not a one time walk-over, strict in credence and a chic fashion enthusiast whose career in the field did not surprise anyone not even the boss who has eyes on her like “Can I ask you out?” As if not hearing, she steadily busied herself piling files ready to be sent to some associates and paralegals in their cubicles.

‘hello miss, am I late for the interview? ‘

‘yes, of course’ she replied with her voice producing a charming intonation like that of the nightingale while its on course making melodious sounds. Not clear what she meant, he felt a bit discouraged but could not front it. For the first time his face has ceased to glow in ecstasy. All the while her face was down to what she was doing. She looked to see who it was talking. He smiled with faint smugness. He knew, he can’t leave just like that and had blamed himself for the day’s scenario, his reverie per say. If not, he bet to be attended to even at the slightest means of him coming late.

Oh sorry! She spoke rather convincingly. ‘what took you so long?’ the interview session had begun….. just one spot for the editing job. ‘what makes you special coming by this time? Others are in the interview room being  interviewed by the boss himself. And you know what, he is not just what you think, he can be mean and really eccentric.

He tries to talk, then she continued. She really talks with no interruption

‘Ok Mr………?’

‘Alexander Dennis!’ he replied. Okay Mr Alexander Dennis can you name four days which start with the letter ‘T’? Stunned with the question and gave his usual smile that projects excitement.

‘well the four days could begin with tomorrow, today, Tuesday and Thursday ‘ I hope my answer is well deserved?

Dazed by the answer he supplied, ‘that is the answer she shrugged’. ‘You know, none in front of my deck, in your position has attempted that question rightly’. Okay then, let’s see how tough you are ‘the answer I give is yes, but what I mean is no. What was the question?’

Without wasting time he said ‘Do you mind?’

That’s correct. How do you know that?

‘I read a lot miss’.

You are not bad after all but let’s see how you merge up with the boss. I will have to plead on your behalf and when get the job, half your salary is mine. She smiles wildly, can I yes? She fixed for a yes…….. He said nothing. ‘I guess that is a yes?’ she is actually jovial and bent on making jokes out of serious issues. She is of course flexible with her style of approach. She got out from her deck, carried with her heaps of files to dish out to those specified. She is by name Clara Darego. Now you could notice her height somewhat towering. She barely bends to pick up things from the floor but she has to anyway. Alex closed down on her as she walked. He was to be shown the interview room where the interview is already getting to an end. As they walked, he could see busy hands on files, computers and those making gestures. The sounds from each office and the very people in it, either on phone or giving orders to respective people in front of them. He noticed a gathering of staff deliberating in one of the rooms probably the sorting room as he thought, already he is loving the frenzy and atmospheric conditions leading to the tedious life in the firm. At some point he noticed faces indecisive and begging, those should be the clients waiting anxiously for respective lawyers to their cases.

Finally, he was at the doorstep, pointed at, to him by Clara. ‘Good luck with your interview and don’t forget part of my share……….’ ‘I had sent him a message regarding your uniqueness, expect the best or worse. Either ways, you owe me, if not by now you should be home regretting not owing me had I not been thrilled by you’. She smiled a wink-like expression and moved ahead from where she had pointed. As he approached the glass door, he noticed the frowning faces either dashed out of their hopes or never given one to take home. Some number of persons sitting right from the entrance. He could sense that they have been brewed and may not have stood the test from the boss whom he could sight at the extreme reading through his phone. On entering, he could run for his dear life with the eyes stared at him like “who on earth is he?”

He felt a bit unease, motioned for a while. Seeing the boss, Mr Ryan Phillips bold and daring in style, approach and anything you can think of. With slight disparity compared to one who is just a show-off. At some point, you will notice his bossy and arrogant tone acclaiming himself.

“Who’s the man? I’m the man. Yes, I’m the man. Can you beat that?”

His face is always inviting and deceptive, you cannot read between his outlook in most cases especially his roving eyes which most at times makes his face hardened in concentration. Most interestingly, he is simple and conventional in dealing with things, especially that which shouldn’t hurt his feelings. A young middle aged man with curly hair well gelled making him look like a pretty boy when the sun shines who is just waking up to reality. He has a habit of looking at people with a strangled expression.

Now, he has assessed all the applicants at the time of interview  except for Alex. His expression shows how unsatisfied he is with the applicants he interviewed. A genius lawyer of his kind and a senior partner at the firm who hasn’t lost fairly or unfairly on the grounds of  any lawsuit, a record only a person as his can keep. As a newly employed associate at the age of twenty some years back, he brought in good clients for the firm which landed the firm into what it is today; a force to be reckoned with.

As Alex tries to find a seat around, the boss invites him into another room not far from the interview room, the conference room. There is a cold gaze fixed on the young man who is rather trying to figure out what to say or not to say as he will be asked. No, he wasn’t tensed just a feeling he enjoys having when under duress. In the conference room now leaving the rest to find their  way out of the interview room having been dismissed.

Efficient ventilation and a state-of-the-art equipment really making the conference room a beauty. From here, you can view the world around the city and beyond. The uneven skyscrapers, distant play fields and much more. It is remarkable seeing through the transparent glasses the amazing intrusion of the sun rays mild enough to calm your soul and of course the rooftops with varying design excites you to be up there.

He settles comfortably in one of the seats and the boss finds a newspaper at close range from one of the sides of a flower vessel, holding it and positioned left from where Alex was seated. Trying to catch the city’s busy traffic, then motioned to the paper in his left hand. Smiles but not genuine, then cleared his throat as if he was uncomfortable but with some pretense added. His eyes caught a headline in one of the articles which reads “People with special abilities, making the world special”

‘So….., I was told you were special?’ a question directed at Alex but not looking at his direction. That’s an inviting question so thought Alex then replies ‘Being special is a sign, you got a gift inborn. Everyone is special but not everyone feels it or thinks special’. ‘I’m special not because I don’t feel it or think so, but because I’m the definition of it through my deeds.

Not convinced though, Clara said “you took her off the heels in one of her cunning riddle games”. ‘Do you think that’s because you are special or something?’

No! What I know really was when I was a boy my mum told me I did extraordinary things beyond my age. And that, I believe I still got. I was born special and for that reason, I give it my all to prove I’m special and to express my specialty at anytime.

‘Wow! That’s interesting, turning to Alex. Eyes locked on like magnets. He could see through his eyes and was forced to admit he is much better than he looks. Not just the style of dress, perhaps one of the finest of gentlemen he has seen with a great physique and of course a face telling how notable he really is. ‘I don’t care if you are amazing or not. You got here at the time of asking, very late and you still feel you are special, special for the job or what?’ ‘You know, I could bounce your request. Judging by your first impression “lateness to work”

What about that young man? Feeling a bit envious saying that, as if he was obliged to speak in that bossy tone. Guess he just met his match.

‘Well Mr Ryan Phillips, I don’t care whether you let me have the job or bounce me out like you intend. What I know is I value people’s time and I don’t make an excuse for that’. You see….. (now standing up as though, he felt it got some need and looking straight outside the transparent glass ). ‘I would have tabled down good excuses, but excuses for someone trying to get into the position of a job, wasn’t worth it. I was late not because I’m special at that but because it is not in my nature to be…….., you know there’s always a first time for everything which shouldn’t be taken as habit’.

Did he speak much better than those already interviewed? This thoughts ran through the corridors of his mind. Took a seat by the round table that hosts 27 seats. ‘You know, you are quite amazing. I mean I haven’t seen anything like your attitude all the times I’ve had interviews. ‘I guess and I must confess, I admire all about your charisma’.

‘So, what do you consider to be your weaknesses?

‘Well I’ve never been strong at public speaking, right from my childhood, I shy away from speaking to a large number of people but I’m reading books and practicing the act of meeting people and learning how to comfortably address a crowd when the need calls for it’.

‘What’s you dream job if it were to be that?’

‘an NBA superstar with a difference, how about that?’

‘Are you kidding me? He laughs jokingly.

‘Not really, I want to be the best ever known editor, proofreader and creative writer. Getting this job will strengthen me and provide me with the opportunities to increase in my skills’.

‘You know, I never get to hit the threes consecutively at warm up matches’. ‘I love basketball’.

‘I’m a great fan of the Royals. You know Nateson? The big gun always hitting the three pointers like Allen Iverson for the Royals. Lately I never get to watch them play, cause trial this and trial that. But on weekends you can watch me play in one of my favorite outdoor court down the street.

Alex interrupts ‘I never miss a three pointer at any range in the opponents half, my foot walks and dribbling, I bet you can’t beat that’.

‘You think so?


‘Alright I’ll beat you to your game no draws, but before that welcome to the Meers Law Firm. You will resume work Monday morning and don’t be late. I think I’ve found the person for the last spot on our vacancy role. The first was an associate job already taken this morning before the interview time, someone of class took that. Alex thought for a while who might that be, then he shook it off. ‘And you are the next I’m sticking out my neck for, you really got potentials’.

‘I’ve said this you know, I like your person but I like that we could do things in common.

‘I really can give meanings to what I read’

‘Yeah, bring all the best you got, that makes you special into the firm’.

‘How’s your weekend?’

‘Not busy! But I’ll be in the court or at the gym’

‘Great then, we have a game. One-on-one, man-to-man. Let’s see who gets enough threes in the game. I will beat you to your game ‘

‘Watch it there man, I’m invincible. You wouldn’t see me coming’.

‘ I’ll take that as a yes’

‘Yeah …. but you got the wrong guy’.

To Alex he never thought the day was going to go well, having drift off loving the girl he met from a distance with his eyes flickering over her in excitement. Then he concludes, perhaps fate must have brought it upon him and landing him a job in one of the most sorted law firms in the city.