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I’m The World’s Best Actor And Philanthropist -Toyin Aimakhu



Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has pushed aside all her challenges as she continues to wax strong in her acting career with the hope of a better tomorrow.

The actress over time has received some back lash from fans, friends and some colleagues in the industry who feels she is not living the real life she claims on social media.

Some even feel she has been showing off too much and lies about things without even knowing her true personality. Well, she has revealed that she had already prepared herself towards becoming an actor.

She explained that aside wanting to be an actor; she wanted to be world’s best actor and philanthropist which she feels she is achieving gradually.

“I did prepare to be an actor you know what else I prepared for? To be the world’s best actor and philanthropist (which I am already),” she wrote..nigeriafilm