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Jackpot! Abuja Airport moves 2.26 million passengers in six months



The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria on Wednesday said that Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja recorded a total of 2.26 million passengers and 35,728 aircraft movement during the first half of 2016.

FAAN’s Deputy General Manager (Corporate Affairs), Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu, in the Passenger and Aircraft Movement Statistics said that the figure represented both domestic and international flights of scheduled and non-scheduled arrivals as well as scheduled and non-scheduled departures into and from the airport.

A breakdown of passenger statistics showed that domestic flights had 1.7 million passengers of which 1.6 million were scheduled flights and 46,934 non-scheduled flights.

The figures further showed that 855,388 domestic passengers arrived in the airport while 821,547 passengers departed from the airport during the period under review.

International passengers stood at 528,632 with 257,773 arrivals and 259,839 departures on 517,606 scheduled flights and 11,020 non-scheduled flights.

A monthly breakdown of the statistics revealed that a total of 362,527 passengers travelled through NAIA in January, comprising 270,260 domestic and 92,267 international passengers.

In February, 333,215 passengers were recorded comprising 276,837 domestic and 56,378 international passengers while the month of March had 357,070 passengers comprising 281,944 domestic and 75,136 international passengers.

Furthermore, 398,002 passengers travelled through the airport in April comprising 296,514 domestic and 101,488 international passengers.

In May, a total of 404,442 passengers consisting of 302,046 domestic and 102,396 international passengers were recorded while the month of June recorded 408,378 passengers of which 304,208 were domestic flights and 104,170 international flights.

The aircraft movement for the period also showed that there were 29,540 domestic and 6,188 international flights from the airport.

The monthly breakdown showed that 5,466 aircraft movements were recorded in the month of January, comprising 4,650 domestic and 816 international movements.

In February, 5,728 domestic and 738 international aircraft traversed the airport bringing it to a total of 6,456 movements while a total of 5,776 movements took place in March comprising 4,844 domestic and 932 international aircraft.

The figures also showed that 6,260 movements were recorded in April comprising 4,878 domestic and 1,382 international movements while in May, 6,866 movements comprising 5,236 domestic and 1,630 international were recorded.

Similarly, in the month of June, a total of 6,894 aircraft movements were recorded comprising 5,414 domestic and 1,480 international at NAIA, according to the Yakubu.NAN