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N2.3bn: Obanikoro’s admission, what Nigerians are saying



A former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, has told the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission that he gave the sum of N2.3bn to the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, in the run-up to the Ekiti State governorship election in 2014. Obanikoro was said to have also told operatives that N60m was converted to dollars at N168 per to a dollar and given to Fayose.

Ogunkuade idowu 4 hours ago

  1. ……it’s obvious that all those #fayose‘s constant vituperations against Mr president whether wrongly or otherwise is a way of saving him against the impending earthquake that may uproots him from a position he got to undeservedly.

    PNK WJasper3 hours agoWell, this is very good and interesting even though they are not likely to go to jail but, at least, let them return some of their loots and assets to support our battered economy.

  2. However, while this is going on PMB should make haste to reshuffle his cabinet immediately so as to bring in competent hands otherwise this fight against corruption will be meaningless should the economy be allowed to continue to degenerate into depression and avoidable hardship for the masses..
    God bless Nigeria
  3. ty40 minutes agoObanikoro should help to explain the purpose of the money he handed over to Fayose. To me if the money was meant to buy the votes of Ekiti people they would have all become multimillionaires. I believe the bulk of the are with the principal culprits in this case. All their assets should be seized upon conviction and sentenced to appropriate prison terms.

  4. Joask1an hour agoAll these news are lies “A top operative of the commission, who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity, said Obanikoro told his interrogators that the money was transferred to Fayose on the instruction of the former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki, (retd.)”. The report on this kind of matter shouldnt be on condition of anonymity.

  5. Sankara 2an hour agoStories for the gullible,…………………..APC and BUHARI should give nigeria substance .

  6. Bright Henry3 hours agoBut wait o. What was PDP’s achievement in power?. Was it just to share good money around for her members? Look at mind blowing sums of money flying around everywhere. Yet the idiots are the ones crying the loudest and blaming a new government for the state of the economy. I call on well meaningful Nigerians to resist any attempt by PDP to transfer the blame for the poor state of our economy to APC and PMB. Just like what happened at Edo let us resist their lies and stand firm on the truth. As for Fayose, his end will come sooner and it will be too bitter.
  7. Christon Funsho I wonder why Nigeria economy won’t go into recession…these set of criminals has milked Nigeria dry all in the name of election…I don’t blame them though…some baby factories products will still come here and defend him…PMB can only try, Nigeria has been killed and butchered by these criminals
  8. @RC1023FM Obanikoro’s Confession must be held very highly and those whose names had been mentioned must go to jail.

  9. @RC1023FM Obanikoro’s confession:It’s disheartening n unfortunate how our public officers toy wth our common wealth.Sad!

  10. @sweetfm1071 Obanikoro’s confession reveals
    more on the same allegations
    Aluko made against Gov Fayose.
    Can’t Gov Ayo be probed?

  11. Politicians with their tricks, Obanikoro gladly admitted bcos Fayose has immunity. Fayose now have lots to deal with after his tenure. https://twitter.com/MobilePunch/status/788683726674923520