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Nigeria At 56: Dr. Fatima Abdulrahman Advocates For More Women In Political Appointment



Just as every country deserves to have a good leader; women must be given the chance to complete with men as we have seen the prominent roles played by women in leadership position.

As Nigeria marks her 56th Anniversary, the former National President of All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), (DR.) MRS. Fatima has stated that equitable participation of women in politics and governance are essential to building and sustaining democracy.

As women around the world often face daunting social, economic and political challenges for democratic governments, it is high time women are allowed to deliver to their constituent through fair representation.

Women must be equally partners in the process of Democratic development and appointing more women, their contributions are crucial to building a strong vibrant society.

She congratulated President Muhammad Buhari and also commends his bold steps in fighting corruption that has being a bane to the underdevelopment of the country.

“Under this present administration the lost glory of the nation shall be restored and soonest Nigeria shall sing a new song of good things and many developments under the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari.

“Mr. President needs our support, co-operation and fever prayers. Nigeria shall be great again. Let Change Begin with you and I, (DR.) MRS. Fatima said.