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Obesity: Omawumi Replies Critics



Omawumi is proud of her body, has accepted her body type and wants people to leave it like that.

Omawunmi has got a clap back for people fat shaming her.


She is tired of people calling her fat and took to Instagram on Thursday, October 13, 2016, saying she has accepted herself and her body and wants people to leave it like that.

She wrote, “This is my b**ch resting face… Which can also mean ‘honesty, I can’t be bothered’. I have come to own and accept the real me, when/if I have to change my body, I may do it. So till then this my response to ‘Omawumi is fat’. So I’ve added a few kilos, Omawumi is beautiful Jare!!! #wonderwoman #omawonder #ownit #timeless.

 Omawumi recently opened up on her relationship with Waje. Omawumi who celebrated her birthday back in April with an intimate party said, “From the moment I got into this industry me and Waje have been friends.

We are alike, we like the same things, we pray a lot. We do a lot of pray, a lot of God factor. We empower each other, encourage each other. We no dey jealous each other and then we celebrate each other, We understand each other. We try to be there for one another when either of us is sad.“..pulse