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Robbery Attack: Kim Kardashian feared she was going to be raped


New details have emerged from the break in that left reality star, Kim Kardashian robbed of her jewelries and tied up in her bathroom.

Reality star Kim Kardashian has revealed she feared she was going to be raped in the bathroom of a luxury Paris apartment as masked men stole millions of dollars worth of jewellery.

TMZ reports Kim feared she would be raped and kept on begging them not to kill her.

According to the gossip site, she was ordered out of bed in only her robe by masked men she thought were going to rape her.

Halfway through dialling her bodyguard, her phone was snatched out of her hands. But her friend Simone Harouche sprung from her bed downstairs and locked herself in a bathroom, the website reported.

The fashion stylist and long-time friend of the Kardashians called Kim’s personal bodyguard Pascal Duvier, who was with Kourtney and Kendall less than two miles away.

Meanwhile, the mum of two begged for her life, screaming that she had two children as five masked men dressed in clothes with police markings bound her wrists and ankles with zip ties and duct tape before leaving her in the bathtub.

Kim later told police she feared she was going to be raped and didn’t understand the French-speaking robbers.

But she heard them repeating ‘ring, ring’ before she realised they were searching for the 20-carat emerald-cut Lorraine Schwartzring given to her by husband Kanye West, according to TMZ.

Kim Kardashian showing off both rings
She soon told them where she left the ring, which is worth a reported $4.5million and was last seen on her SnapChat.

The masked men also stole a jewellery box worth $6.7 million (€6 million/ £5.24 million) before escaping on rented bicycles available throughout the city. radar